Forestry involves much more than growing and harvesting plantation forests.

People of all ages and abilities will find great careers in forestry – planting and managing native and exotic forests, looking after the forest environment, managing people and resources, working with state-of-the-art technology, and operating multi-million dollar machines and equipment.

 Some forestry jobs go all year, while others are seasonal. Some are inside, some are outside. See what job is right for you.

Training providers

Forestry Careers

Forestry has many different job opportunities and some well-defined career pathways. Whether you are still at school or just starting out, or have been working for some time, you can improve your skills and career choices through training and education. Visit to take a look at the range of training and educational courses available.


Competenz is one of New Zealand’s industry training organisations. For Information about qualification In forestry see:

University of Canterbury

UC is the only university in New Zealand to offer professional forestry degree programmes, including undergraduate programmes run through the School of Forestry and the College of Engineering.

Our first-class facilities include teaching and research spaces and the Wood Technology precinct, which contains a timber drying and preservation unit, a pulp and paper room, and a general workshop.

Scholarships and Awards

There are many different scholarships and awards available for people planning to study forestry or related topics.
Some of these are very broad, while others relate only to certain courses, or to people from a particular region.
Some awards are for academic study; others are to assist people doing practical training.