Meet the Judges

John Hawkins

I have been in the Timber Industry my whole life and experienced many changes within the industry. I have been chairperson of NZ Timber Export, president of the Timber Federation and involved with numerous organization within the industry. I am looking forward to being involved in the Canterbury West Coast Wood Council Awards for 2024.

Mark Grover

I’m the recently retired General Manager of Operations for Rayonier Matariki Forests NZ. I’ve spent most of my 48 years of my Forestry career in the Canterbury Region along with a recent 5 year stint in the Southland /Otago region. Over that time, I’ve worked for the NZ Forest Service, The Forestry Corporation, Carter Holt Harvey Forests and for the past 18 years in management roles with Rayonier Matariki. I’m looking forward to joining the judging panel for the 2024 CWCWC Awards having been very impressed with the inaugural awards in 2022.

Dr Elizabeth Heeg

Chief Executive of the New Zealand Forest Owners Association

Elizabeth has a strong background in forest systems and the regulatory and policy frameworks supporting them, including climate, biodiversity and water policy. Elizabeth has worked for MPI, DoC and the QEII Trust.

She is passionate about forestry’s role in the bioeconomy and the potential for forests to provide social, environmental and economic benefits.

“I’m looking forward to participating in the 2024 CWCWC Awards to recognise the awesome people involved in the forest industry in Canterbury and the West Coast and the great work they do.”
– Elizabeth Heeg

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